Handshake Hunting Process

Our Process

Channel Hunter’s is more than just a typical appointment setting and lead generation company. We recruit only the most talented Hunters with precision marksmanship no matter the size of your target. Our development process was created to ensure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Your partnership includes scheduled consulting sessions with our team of Hunting Guides. These guides collectively represent over 50 years of sales and marketing experience and have worked with dozens of IT channel companies including CharTec, NinjaOne, Axcient, CyberFOX, Vijilan, and countless MSPs throughout the North American market.
Your Hunter will help you to hone your sales pipeline, improve your retention and ACV, develop your brand identity, and leverage advanced strategies such as formal verticalization and specialization. 

Combined with the increase in meetings brought to you by your Hunter, your MSP will attain new levels of growth-focused maturity — a key factor in any business’ long-term success.